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The AcuRoll

A handmade device that morphologically adapts to the body for passive self acupressure as well as targeted mobilization of joints, capsules, fascia and organ structures.

- The two sizes can be used to slowly and steadily return the various structures to their proper functionality.

- The devices are handmade to the highest standards, hypoallergenic and ecological.

- You can achieve great success in a relatively short treatment period through breathing and relaxation, especially in reducing tension in the body.

- The covers are washable.

- With canvas transport bags.

Achieve more with less.

Only five to ten minutes of daily use can already achieve amazing results.

Our modern way of life often leads to developing dysfunctional tension in certain parts of the body. Because this is often not diagnosed or adequately treated, this muscular-capsular tension very often becomes chronic. Especially in the area of the spine, this usually leads to massive dysfunctions, which can then spread to the various organ systems via the spinal nerves. Moderate but consistent regulation with the AcuRoll are often the best companion to physical therapy.

But the simple and easy to use basic technique even enables you to self-regulate on your own. The load and overload from sports can be perfectly regulated with these devices.

Simplicity and efficiency

make the the AcuRoll the perfect companion for sport, travel or at home.

The device does not use any electricity, is hypoallergenic, handmade and produced according to the highest medical standards.

Contents: AcuRoll Large, AcuRoll Small, 2x transport bag, instructions via app