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The AcuRoll Pro

Just like the AcuRoll, the Pro version also perfectly adapts to the users body. It then reaches a strength with which it can be used for acupressure applications. In addition, this device is equipped with up to six strong, radial Nyodem magnets. These can be used for stimulus intensification, but also for installing the AcuBalls. Their positioning is freely adjustable and can thus be perfectly adapted to the acupuncture points of the user.

- Highly effective passive acupressure on a new level.

- Freely adjustable.

- In addition to the various mechanical stimuli, thermal stimuli can be utilized.

- All parts are exchangeable

- Handmade to the highest standards, hypoallergenic and ecological.

- Invented, developed and assembled in Germany.

The Evolution of Passive Therapy

The combination of acupressure and total relaxation of the body, give the user unprecedented effective treatment options.

The setup of the devices is completely freely adjustable and can be 100% optimized for your needs. By simultaneously using the large and small rolls, more complex regulations can also be made.

The small roll can easily be carried in your hand luggage and serve as a constant companion in sports, on trips or at home.

Durability and versatility

make the AcuRoll Pro the perfect choice for ambitious self-therapists, athletes and professionals.

The device does not use any electricity, is hypoallergenic, handmade and produced according to the highest medical standards.

Contents: AcuRoll Pro Large, AcuRoll Pro Small, 3x Acuball, 2x transport bag, instructions via app