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The Acuflow X

The first and only device of its kind. Through almost 1.8 million years of evolution – from the use of the hand axe until present day – using this medical hand axe has been written into our genes.

- With its two sides, fascia, tendons, trigger points, muscles and connective tissue can be treated optimally.

- The device can be disassembled and cleaned in seconds – no tools necessary.

- In addition to the various mechanical stimuli, thermal stimuli can be utilized.

- All parts are exchangeable

- Invented, designed and made in Germany.

Easily accessible at any time

thanks to its small and lightweight build. You can always have the Acuflow X ready at hand, to treat yourself and others when needed.

Whether in sports, competition or on the go. The AFX is small enough to carry around without bothering you. The natural, ergonomic shape lets you work with the AFX automatically and subconsciously on your pain points, while also being fun to use. With the right technique you will be able to relieve difficult fascial, muscular and energetic conditions.

Durability and versatility

make the AFX the perfect companion for sport, travel or at home.

It does not require any electricity, is completely waterproof and manufactured in accordance to the highest medical standards. It is food safe, acid resistant and all parts can be easily be replaced and cleaned.

Contents: Grip, 2x Core (Soft & Hard), 2x chrome-plated steel ball, transport bag, instructions via app